Free Water
Rocket and
Launcher Plans

Get your free detail plans for a water rocket with fin templates, and a launch tube type launcher with a Clark cable tie release complete with parts list, and detailed step-by-step instructions anyone can follow. Instructions for downloading will be emailed immediately after submitting the form below.


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Also, if you haven't already, visit my amateur rocketry website here where you can learn how to build your own rocket motor from PVC pipe with sugar and potassium nitrate KNO3) propellant called caramel candy propellant or rcandy (for rocket candy).


Build the
Amazing Plutoid-1B
Water Rocket

It Will Fly Hundreds of Feet High
and Return Undamaged
Ready to Fly Again

Plans Include the
Alpha Base
Water Rocket Launcher

Just Fill out the form on the left with your first and last name and email address, then click on the "Submit" button and your download instructions will be emailed to you immediately.

Actual launch of the Plutoid 1B water rocket on the Alpha Base launcher.

Here it is less than a second
 after launching.

This free set of instructions is taken from two of the first chapters in:

 The Complete Water Rocket Manual
 Volume 1

which is in the final stage of writing. 

Download the free instructions above and I will contact you when the manual is released or you can send an email to:

For those who can't wait, the manual is available in its current state of completion for $25. The price includes the final version when it is done.

For more information about what is in the manual up to this point and how to get the manual in its current state of completion,